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How Nkosi got its name

Wellspring founder Joe Niemand walked around with the name Nkosi for a couple of days when one of the dieticians asked what the product would be called.

She is a veteran of Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital where she has seen first hand how severe malnutrition destroys the lives of South African children.

Joe knew something special was happening when he shared the name Nkosi with her and she became emotional.

What she shared with him was a story that would confirm that the team was on the right track!

Here is that story:

Trinette had been asked by doctors at Baragwanath to give care to a girl who was the victim of severe malnutrition and on a ventilator in ICU. She was 11 years old and weighed an unimaginable 8kg.

They asked her to just try and make the girl comfortable as she was beyond all hope of recovery.

Trinette refused to give up on her.

Trinette made a decision and from that point went to see the girl every day to pray for her. She developed a feeding program for her and over the following months this little girl kept fighting and responding to her treatment.

She made it off the ventilator and later made it out of ICU and then got so strong that she started waiting for Trinette everyday to do her hospital rounds with her.

The little girl ended up beating the odds life had thrown at her and not only made it back from the brink of death with love and nutrition, but walked out of that hospital, was adopted and is living her precious life.

They called her Nkosi.

Nkosi Superbar is dedicated to every child that anyone has given up on!

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