The Vision Behind the Nkosi Bar

Operating in the creative industries we felt led to stop work on the Daniel The Musical production that premiered internationally in October 2019 to focus on saving lives. The Save a Life campaign was born and working in vulnerable communities, it became very apparent that the biggest need in our country right now is nutrition. Malnutrition is fast reaching crisis proportions and malnutrition deaths among children is growing.

We started with the decision to try and make the biggest impact possible by not being overwhelmed by the scale of the problem, but by focusing on a solution that could strengthen the hands of people already working in the space. The result was Nkosi Superbar designed to deliver maximum nutrition at the lowest cost .

Nkosi is a celebration of hope and the belief that we can change the direction of a generation by becoming part of the solution and has the potential to activate not only significant awareness around malnutrition, but also be a powerful tool in the fight against it.

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